September Birthstone Color

The birthstone for September is the sapphire, which is a relative of the ruby. Similar to the ruby it is a type of the mineral corundum, which is typically a greyish mineral. However, the September birthstone color is blue, and a deep blue sapphire is what is most sought after. When corundum is red it is called a ruby and when it is any other colors it is a sapphire. Most often sapphires will be a blue in color, ranging from pale blues to extremely dark indigos. The color is provided because of the small amounts of iron and titanium that are found within the structure of the kitchen.

A medium deep cornflower type blue is the most valued shade of blue when it comes to sapphires. Sapphires come in other natural tints and colors as well including yellow, green, orange, brown, violet, pale pink, gray, and colorless. The different colors come from different impurities that occur in the stones. For example, ferric iron causes the sapphire to be yellow in color. A colorless sapphire has no containments.

Australia is the largest source of sapphires in the world. Sapphires from Australia are typically a blue stone that have a dark and inky appearance. Kashmir, located in India used to be a good source for the cornflower blue stones.

History of Sapphires

The word sapphire comes from several ancient languages, Latin sapphires, Arabic safir, which means blue and Greek sappherios, which is for the island of Sappherine. Sappherine is located in the Arabian Sea and was during ancient Grecian times sapphires were found.

Sapphires were called the Celestial Stone by ancient Persians. It was considered to be Apollo’s gem and worshipers that would visit his shrine in Delphi would often where sapphires. The stones were used as far back as 7th century BC by ancient Etruscans.

Sapphires were believed to protect against snakes. It was said that if a poisonous reptile was put in a jar with a sapphire they would die immediately. During the 13th century the French thought that the sapphire would transform stupidity to wisdom and that if you were irritable you would be in a better mood.

Sapphires are said to represent purity of the soul. Priests would where sapphires as a protection against temptations of the flesh and impure thoughts. Kings of Europe valued sapphires for brooches and rings as they believed they would protect them from envy and harm. A warrior would give his wife a sapphire necklace so that they would be faithful.

Sapphire - September birthstone

September Birth Flower

The Aster is the birth flower for the month of September. This herb blooms during the fall and has flowers that look like daisies. It is said that the Aster represents faith, love, and wisdom. The flowers come in red, lilac, white, pink, and mauve. Each of the flowers has a center that is yellow and even though it looks like a daisy it is actually a part of the sunflower family. Some of the other names for the Aster include frost flowers, starwort, and Michaelmas Daisy. At one point in time it was thought to be a love charm.